Prayers to the Spirit of Life

“Let Us Find You” a prayer for two voices:
Spirit of Life and Love, Mysterious Power in all Creation: We stand before you now, asking as countless others before us, that you make yourself known to us. Let us find you in the glories and wonders of the world, and in the moments of great joy and ecstacy, but most of all: Let us find you in the commonplace, in what we touch everyday. Let us find you in the familiar, in those whom we love along our way. Let us find you in ourselves, at the very center of our being. Teach us these things in the careless, casual moments of everyday life, when we do not seek them. We are, indeed, part of the sacred Mystery. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Touch Not My Lips” a prayer for voice and piano with words by Alfred S. Cole:
Touch not my lips with the white fire from the glowing altar of some peaceful shrine. Thrust not into my hand the scroll of wisdom gleaned through the patient toil of centuries. Give me no finished chart that I may follow without effort or the bitter taste of tears. I do not crave the comfort of the ancient creeds nor the sheltered harbor where the great winds cease to blow. But winnow my heart and torture my soul with doubt. Let me feel the clean gales of the open sea until thy creative life is my life and my joy, one with the miracle of spring and the blowing grain, the yearning of all humankind, and the endless reach of the stars.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Meditation from Star Island” a meditation for two voices with words by Polly L. Guild:
I wish I were like a rock: sturdy and strong, enduring; polished smooth by the forces that beat against me; a safe place for storm tossed souls. Sometimes I am. I wish I were like the waters of the sea: flowing and yielding; perfectly fitting the space I’m in; reflecting the changing sky, but deep and still within the depths that nurture myriad forms of life. Sometimes I am. I wish I were like the sun: bright and warm and life giving; shining even when the clouds hide me from view; ever faithful, rising and setting in predictable ways. Sometimes I am. I wish I were like the clouds: light hearted, wispy, multi-shaped in a clear blue sky; or soft grey with balm for a parched earth; occasionally dramatic, rolling and angry, demanding attention. Sometimes I am. I wish I were like the wind: fragrant, cool, gently caressing you blowing soft and sweet over wild roses; or forceful and persistent holding high an aspiring kite; and filling the sails of those who travel life’s precarious ways. Sometimes I am.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Sunday Prayer” a prayer for two voices with words by Andrew C. Backus:
Spirit of Life, Mysterious Power in all creation: we come, drawn by one another and by the hope that we might discover the hidden meanings, that we might once again trust a mystery. From pains and pressures, from problems and plans, we lift ourselves out, and join together to share a corner of time, and to make it sacred. We celebrate life — in all its unexpected pleasures and its dashed hopes. We celebrate love — in all its power to heal and its promise of a false simplicity. We celebrate community — in all its creative potential and its limits to our freedom. And when the advancing edge of time always so near cuts us apart and walls and worries separate us one more time, let our creation sustain us and let us know that we shall meet again. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“February Prayer” a prayer for two voices with words by Andrew C. Backus:
Spirit of Life, Mysterious Power in all that is and is to be: First snows are a wistful memory now; it is well past the middle. Yet, there is much still to learn. Give us todays without grand resurrections. Bare, dark branches and roadside grime remind us of our greying powers of love, our unmet promises. Give us todays without pink buds and yellow hopes. Spirit of Life, teach us the lessons we have not yet learned. Let us know the risings within we have not yet recognized. Give us todays with soft greys and vain attempts to cover the dirt. Soon we will be ready. Soon we will be ready. We are, indeed, part of the Mystery. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample