Saying Goodbye

“Each of Us Is an Artist” a benediction for voice; words by Arthur Graham:
Each of us is an artist whose task it is to shape life into the pattern we dream about. The molding is not of self alone, but of shared tomorrows and times we shall never see. So let us be about our task. The materials are very precious and perishable.  Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“The Peace of God” a benediction for choir:
Now may the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, that peace which the world can neither give nor take away, abide with us this day and forevermore. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“May Our Eyes Be Opened” a benediction for voice; words by George Brooks:
May our eyes be opened to see what is beautiful. May our ears be opened to learn what is true. May our hearts be opened that we may find the love that is there for all people. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Take Courage” a benediction for voice; words by Wayne B. Arnason:
Take courage, friends. The way is often hard; the path is never clear; and the stakes are very high. Take courage. For deep down there is another truth: you are not alone. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Return with Light” a benediction for voice:
We are blessed by one another and by the hope and promise that spring forth in our gathering. Keep the promise and sustain the hope. Live its beauty. Tell its story. Go in peace. Return with light. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“We Are the Ones” a benediction for choir and piano; words by Suzelle Lynch:
Mothers, lovers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters; weavers of tales, sellers of salt, singers in the Mystery; swimmers in Truth’s own sea: We are the ones placed here to offer blessings. We are the ones longed for in a world made fair. May we go in peace, knowing we must work to love the world. May we go in peace, knowing that our work has just begun. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Bless the World Now” a benediction for voice with words by Andrew C. Backus:
Bless the world now. Offer up the power of a beginning so sweet as this. Give away your joy. Sanctify the days ahead with your jubilant remembrances. Care for others as though your life depended on it. Bless the world again. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“For All Who See God” a benediction for voice with words by Robert M. Doss:
For all who see God, may God go with you. For all who embrace Life, may Life return your affection. For all who seek a right path, may a way be found, and the courage to take it step by step. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample

“Bless and Be Blessed” a benediction for voice with words by Andrew C. Backus:
Now go forth, bless and be blessed. Take with you an honest mind that you may know yourself; sincere affection for people that you may know others; a true devotion to the just causes that by others you may be known. Amen.  ==>View PDF  ==>Hear Sample